Annual Breed Show

National Dressage Pony Cup
Pony Breed Show
September 28
– October 3, 2021

Held in conjunction with Dressage at Devon in Devon, PA

  • Ponies under 3 years of age must show proof that their Dam or Sire is a measured pony.
  • Ponies over 3 years of age must have a current USEF Pony Measurement Card. 
  • Ponies 8 years and older will receive a permanent card.  Ponies under 8 will receive a yearly/temporary card. 
  • Ponies without a current USEF Pony Measurement Card must be measured before their first run.
  • Measurements will be scheduled on Thursday, prior to the beginning of the Ridden Dressage show on Friday.
  • If you are only competing in the Breed Show and need to be measured, please contact the Show Secretary to see if any additional measurement times are available on Friday or Saturday. 
  • The show TD will provide pony competitors the USEF Pony Measurement Forms. DO NOT print them and bring them with you.
  • Ponies are to be presented in a halter with bridle number attached. Handler must be at least 18.
  • Ponies will be jogged in front of the show veterinarian.
  • All measurement rules and requirements are governed by USEF.
  • If the Pony is only shown in-hand, the pony must have a NDPC In-Hand Membership.
  • If the Pony is being ridden under saddle, the Pony must have a NDPC In-Hand Membership AND Pony and Rider must have a regular NDPC Dressage Membership.
  • Ponies and Owners must be current members of USDF (or pay non-member fee).
  • Ponies and Owners must be current members of USEF in order to receive a Pony Measurement Card. 
  • There are NO QUALIFYING SCORES necessary to enter.