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Everyone can be a member and supporter of NDPC!

  • Members receive notification of NDPC news and updates via email, including occasional discounts and rewards.
  • The competition season begins November 1st and concludes on October 31st annually, and membership must be renewed each year to remain valid.
  • Pony/Riders and Small Horse/Riders can become members at any time during the competition season before Midnight EST on October 31st.  Scores for Year-End Awards will be retroactively counted back to the beginning of the season.  
  • All scores at any level will count toward Year-End Awards.  No minimum or maximum number of scores is required.
  • Please Note: All scores must be submitted by the competitor (as a scan, photo, or copy of the original test sheet) to the NDPC office by October 31st in order to be counted.
    • The NDPC will not be responsible for confirming changes in test scores once scores have been submitted by members. In order to change a score, members must submit a verification.
  • For members who compete in both Canadian and US shows, there is an option to extend your membership to the US for an additional fee of $10. This will ensure that both your Canadian show scores are entered in the Canadian Year-End Awards, and your US scores are entered in the US Year-End Awards.
  • Owners do not have to be members. Each rider must be registered for each pony/small horse for scores to be collected for Year-End Awards.
    • Ponies and small horses can be added to Rider Memberships for an additional $10 per pony. 
    • Riders cannot be added to Pony or Small Horse Memberships; each rider must be registered separately for their scores to be counted.
  • Supporting Memberships are available for those who would like to support and connect with the NDPC but do not currently ride or show a pony or small horse.
  • NDPC Small Horse Measurement Forms must be on file with the NDPC by Midnight EST on October 31st for the NDPC to officially count scores toward the Year-End Awards.
    • If you are viewing the monthly Year-End Standings and you see that your name is greyed-out and the placing number skips you, it means we were not able to verify the measurement at the time of the standings. If you believe this is an error, please contact the NDPC for verification.

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