Partner Shows

Utilize PONY POWER for your next show – be a part of the 2021 North American NDPC Partner Show Network!

For almost a decade, the National Dressage Pony Cup (NDPC) has been proud to work with show managers in both the US and Canada to offer special awards recognizing the talents of ponies in dressage through our official NDPC Partner Show Program.

In each of the last two years, we had more than 150 shows sign up as Partner Shows. Now for the 2021 competition season, we’re streamlining our NDPC Partner Show program to even better serve both show managers and competitors. Join us!

Why be a NDPC Partner Show?

  • For exhibitors, riders and ponies have a chance to stand out from the crowd and win special awards at shows in their area. Who doesn’t love awards? So riders, encourage your favorite show to apply!
  • For competitions, Partner Shows attract more pony entries (which means more revenue) and enjoy international recognition on our Pony Cup website & Facebook page.
  • We are proud to partner with dressage competitions and dressage sport horse breeding (DSHB) competitions in both the United States and Canada. Join our network today!

What are the requirements for NDPC Partner Shows? It’s easy!

(Please note: for DSHB show requirements, click here)

  • In the US, competitions may be USEF/USDF-licensed. NEW FOR 2021: DRESSAGE SCHOOLING SHOWS MAY BECOME NDPC PARTNER SHOWS! (Shows must use FEI/USEF/USDF dressage tests). In Canada, competitions must be a Bronze, Silver, or Gold show with Equestrian Canada.
  • At minimum, each Partner Show must offer at least one Pony-Only Test of Choice class. Ideally, we suggest that Pony-Only classes be split into three Test of Choice classes: Pony Introductory – Third Level Test of Choice, Pony Fourth Level – FEI Test of Choice, and Pony Freestyle Test of Choice. We understand that FEI Tests may not be possible to include in all shows, but wherever possible we prefer that ponies be offered the opportunity to enter these upper-level tests.
  • Alternatively, shows may offer a Pony Division within each class. This means that ponies ride in open classes, but the Rider states “Pony” as their Division, as opposed to Open/AA/YR/Jr.
  • Competition must provide an opportunity for ponies to be measured and obtain a temporary or permanent USEF Pony Measurement Card (this is already a USEF requirement for Level 3 competitions and above). For shows in Canada, use our handy pony measurement form here. For schooling shows, determination of height is at the discretion of show management.
  • The NDPC will send each Partner Show two ribbons for High Point and Reserve High Point. These ribbons are to be presented to winning competitors AT THE SHOW based on the results of pony-only classes.
  • Partner Show applications and payments must be received by the NDPC at least ten (10) business days prior to the first day of competition to allow for shipping time of ribbons, otherwise expedited shipping fees may apply.
  • Competitions are encouraged to utilize the official NDPC logo and designate their show as a Partner Show in the prize list and other promotional material.
  • All Partner Shows will be listed by date on the NDPC website and promoted to members via the website, in e-blasts, and on social media as free publicity for the competition.
  • Please note competitors do NOT need to be members of the NDPC to participate in Partner Show classes and receive awards. However, if competitors would like their scores to count towards our NDPC Year-End Awards Program, NDPC membership is required for each rider/pony combination. Learn more here. Also, please note that scores from schooling shows DO NOT COUNT towards our NDPC Year-End Awards Program (only scores from USEF/USDF-Licensed Competitions).
  • Submission of show results to the NDPC is no longer required since awards are to be presented to competitors at the competition. However results & photos of the winners are always appreciated and will be shared on social media, providing even more free publicity for your show! Send results and photos to


For questions regarding the NDPC Partner Show Program, contact Jennifer Keeler at

Interested in offering additional pony awards at your show, or hosting a series of competitions in your area with special pony prizes? We’re happy to customize our Partner Show packages. Contact Jennifer Keeler at to discuss your ideas!