Small Horse Division

Welcome to a special program created to honor the dressage achievements of small horses!​​

The National Dressage Pony Cup Small Horse Division is designed to give smaller equines, their riders, trainers, and owners a place to be rewarded for their achievements in the wonderful sport and art of dressage. The NDPC understands the challenges that face these talented equines in the competition environment, and wants to give these athletes a special award program all their own.

To be eligible, each horse/rider combination must become members of the NDPC US or Canada Small Horse Division. A rider may add additional Small Horses to their own membership at the rate of $10.00 per additional horse.

The NDPC competition season begins November 1, and concludes October 31. Memberships for the current season will be accepted until Midnight Eastern October 31. Members must complete the NDPC Small Horse Measurement Form*, and submit it to the NDPC by Midnight Eastern October 31.

A small horse, as designated by the National Dressage Pony Cup, is any breed of horse or pony that measures taller than a pony, but less than 163cm with shoes. This is the equivalent of 16hh. The official NDPC range is more than 149cm without shoes (150cm with shoes), to less than 162cm without shoes (163cm with shoes). The measurement must be taken in centimeters. The original measurement form, or a scanned copy of the original form, may be submitted as proof of measurement. Measurement forms must be submitted yearly until the horse reaches 8 years of age. Once the horse is 8 years old the measurement will be considered permanent.

Download the NDPC Small Horse Measurement Form Here:

* The NDPC Small Horse Measurement Form is a National Dressage Pony Cup form, and is not subject to USEF measurement rules. Horses must be measured by a licensed, practicing veterinarian, who is required to sign and verify the measurement. Measurements must be taken on a hard, level surface. Measurement to be taken at the high point of the wither.