Degree of Difficulty

This scale is used when calculating Year-End Awards.
Points are added to each percentage score based
on test ridden, prior to any averaging.

LevelTest RiddenPoints Added
Introductory LevelTest A0.0
Introductory LevelTest B0.0
Introductory LevelTest C0.5
Training LevelTest 11.0
Training LevelTest 21.5
Training LevelTest 32.0
Training LevelFreestyle2.0
First LevelTest 13.0
First LevelTest 23.5
First LevelTest 34.0
First LevelFreestyle4.0
Second LevelTest 15.0
Second LevelTest 25.5
Second LevelTest 36.0
Second LevelFreestyle6.0
Third LevelTest 17.0
Third LevelTest 27.5
Third LevelTest 38.0
Third LevelFreestyle8.0
Fourth LevelTest 19.0
Fourth LevelTest 29.5
Fourth LevelTest 310.0
Fourth LevelFreestyle10.0
FEI Pony TestTeam/Individual Test6.0
FEI Pony TestFreestyle6.0
Small TourPrix St George​s11.0
Small TourIntermediare I11.5
Small TourI1 Freestyle11.5
Medium TourIntermediare A12.0
Medium TourIntermediare B12.5
Medium TourIA/IB Freestyle12.5
Large TourIntermediare II13.0
Large TourGrand Prix/
Grand Prix Special
Large TourI2/GP Freestyle13.5