Welcome to the NDPC, our ponies to the North!

The National Dressage Pony Cup is pleased to announce that we have added a Canadian Year-End Awards program, and that any Equestrian Canada sanctioned show can now become an NDPC Partner Show. Scores from Bronze, Silver, and Gold Level competitions will be eligible to become Partner Shows.

This program is offered to provide appreciation and rewards for the achievements of ponies of all breeds, whether or not they have papers, that may find themselves at a disadvantage when compared to larger horses in the show ring. While the size of a pony should not be an issue in the performance of a dressage test, some competitors can feel that they are not taken as seriously, or scored as well as they might have been, if their mount had been over 16 hands.

Many competitors ride ponies and find themselves in a competitive “no man’s land”, where they can feel a lack of appreciation for the performance and dedication that they bring to the sport. Many adult amateur competitors feel as though their choice of a mount that is more compatible with their stature, gives them a feeling of being more balanced and in sync with the movements that they are striving to learn. Gaits that are not as jarring to the joints, and the ability to use your leg effectively makes it possible to work in better partnership.

The NDPC wants to encourage competitors of all ages, sizes, and abilities to enjoy the experience of coming into a dressage show environment that is welcoming and feels fair.

The NDPC Year-End Awards compiles the scores of ponies for its members throughout all Canadian provinces, and will update the standings on a monthly basis.

We look forward to seeing all of the fabulous ponies that Canada has to offer, and wish all of you a fun and safe competition season.

* New for 2021, Canadian Small Horse Division!